Love Notes

The intimate story revolves around Chris, a dreamer who arrives in New York to pursue and acting career and is befriended by Brooke.  Brooke also has artistic dreams, but chooses to put them on hold when she falls in love with a stockbroker named Ashley. Miscommunications surrounding a love note soon lead to a reevaluation of relationships and personal discovery . . . and the revelation of secrets.  The three characters form what becomes a contemporary love triangle, revealing to the audience the importance of being true to yourself and following your heart. In addition, the gender of the each cast member is interchangeable, thereby affording a director unique opportunities to alter the dynamics of the relationships, while demonstrating the universality of love.

The story is told through 25 songs of various styles.  Love Notes was first workshopped through a limited run in Washington, DC.  Following subsequent readings, a variation workshop was presented in Chicago, with libretto contibutions by Robert DeWitt.  (Of the songs listed below from the musical, numbers 1, 2, and 5 are studio recordings by Sean MacLaughlin and 3 and 4 are live recordings of Anne Kanengeiser and Keith Jameson, joined by Steve Cupo, from a staged reading.)