Cuban Courage

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Mark Walter Braswell

Cuban Courage is the story of one boy in Havana and his parents’ difficult decision to send him alone to Miami to keep him safe and free from communist indoctrination. His harrowing journey and challenging consequences bring to life the secret plan now called Operation Pedro Pan in which over 14,000 children were flown without their parents from Havana to Miami between 1960 and 1962. With its all-original score, Cuban Courage pays tribute to this historic struggle for freedom.

Play track to hear montage of nine songs from the musical: (1) “My Cuba Is Forever”; (2) “Our Son”; (3) “Cuba of My Dreams”; (4) “Poco Loco”; (5) “Journey of Hope”; (6) “I Like Snow”; (7) “A Mother’s Wish”; (8) “Freedom”; and (9) “Moment of Truth.”

Vocals: 1-Jordana Forrest; 2-Darcy Hernandez-Gil & Michael Focas; 3-Jordana Forrest & Michael Focas; 4-Jordana Forrest, with Ann Marie Olson & Alexander Zenoz; 5-Darcy Hernandez-Gil & Michael Focas; 6-Alexander Zenoz; 7-Ann Marie Olson & Darcy Hernandez-Gil; 8-Darcy Hernandez-Gil; and 9-Alexander Zenoz. Band: piano-David Nagy; bass-Ranses Colon; trumpet-Tom Stancampiano; and percussion-Evan Kline.